Students and Well Wishers,

Akash Model Sr. Sec. School aims to deliver an internationalinfrastructure with world class facilities and educational programmes beyondthe limits of the academic curriculum. It offers wholesome and sound educationin a state of the art setting. The school has faculties rich in talent andexperience. We have high expectations from our pupils and our staff, and weexpect more to explore and to engross our pupils and our staff. We attempt tobuild the true citizens of the modern world.

At Akash Model Sr. Sec. School , you will find the right environment,the right facilities, the right academics, teachers and experts who will engageyour ward into constructive learning activities that will bring out and nurturethe leaders in him/her. Our motto says, 'Conquer the world with Akash Model Sr.Sec. School', we are committed to give the very best of all essentials in thefield of academics so that we see the motto coming true in the lives of ourstudents and we rest in the assurance that somewhere some soul has breathed betterbecause of Akash Model Sr. Sec. School.



Aakash Vijayran

Director (Akash Model Sr. Sec. School)