“The greatest use of life is to spend it for something thatwill outlast it.”



Life is a mixed bag of opportunities and adversities. Allour efforts may not result in the expected way but efforts we must make. Man isthe supreme race on this earth basically due to the best possible use of hismental faculties. Human beings have evolved over the centuries and are stillevolving. History of the universe stands testimony to the fact that only thefittest survive. Being educators, it is our primary concern to produce andtrain our future generations in such a manner that they can survive against allodds coming their way as they will be the harbingers of development,sustainability, peace, love and joy.


What goes into the brains and hearts of our presentgeneration today will be manifested on the map of the world tomorrow.Therefore, all our strategies, planning, concerns and actions must have adirect and positive bearing upon the education that we provide to our children.


Our team at Akash Model Sr. Sec. School lives by the adage‘Strive for Excellence’ instilling the same spirit of zeal and enthusiasm amongtheir thoughts. We come from a system where criticism and appreciation go handin hand to motivate us to keep working hard. All our students are so dear andvaluable to us that that we want nothing short of best for them in life. Withthe same objective and vision, we are making sincere efforts to provide allvalues of head, heart and soul to our blooming buds so that they are nurturedin to the best sons and daughters of their soil.


Sanjeev Kumar

Manager (Akash Model Sr. Sec. School)